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Brunch Southern Style

Start the day right...

Brunch Southern Style - it's got to be the most fun & certainly the most sociable meal of the day. There are few things more enjoyable than a long leisurely meal, eating great food with someone you love. The Americans seem to understand this more than most & the Southern States in particular make it a real event. We're open from 10am every single day, all summer long, and we'll be serving our brunch menu until 2pm.

We've tasted our way around the Deep South enjoying brunch at BBQ joints, diners & roadside shacks in every state we visited. From pancake stacks so fluffy you can never get to the bottom to waffles loaded with Southern fried chicken smothered  in maple syrup. All washed down with mugs of coffee. Life simply doesn't get much better than brunch Southern style. We serve up our brunch menu every day until 2pm & we've got you covered. Crispy Streaky Bacon & Maple Pancakes

Toast the morning...

With a Hickory's muffin - a griddled, slice of American style cheese & your choice of filling (streaky bacon, sausage patty or magic-dusted mushroom) and served with magic-dusted tater tots. New to our Spring/Summer menu us The Ultimate XXL Muffin. For those mornings when you can't decide which filling to go for - have them all. You asked for this one guys and our chefs have delivered. If pancakes are more your thing our fluffy, homemade Pancakes are flippin' good. If sweet is you think for for blueberry compote & vanilla cream or strawberries, chocolate & hazelnut. Prefer a savoury start to the day? Crispy streaky bacon & maple or the spicy Louisiana fried chicken & maple butter are what you need. Our kids pancakes are a winner with younger guests too! The Ultimate XXL Muffin It doesn't end there either - there's Steak & Eggs, a French Toast Bacon Stack, The Great American Breakfast and it wouldn't be brunch without a Chicken Fried Waffle. Our tip: keep the maple flowing - we'd even go as far as saying keep it flowing over all the brunch dishes. We'll give you a jug of maple goodness to pour on everything. Is it even brunch without it?

Brunch Sippin'...

There's something for everyone on our brunch menu. Enjoy your brunch favourite washed down with mugs of bottomless coffee or a Bloody Mary or two. That takes us back to a Bottomless Brunch at Stubbs, in Austin. Tucking into brunch, making our own Bloody Marys (they have a make your own station) & enjoying the sounds of a Gospel Choir. If you after something refreshing & easy sippin' try a Paloma Loco - pineapple infused tequila, lime & topped with grapefruit soda. Prefer it booze free? No problem. If you love a Grape Soda give The Grape Escape a try - vodka & violette liqueur topped with our very own Grape Soda. Bloody Mary

All that's left is to round up the gang or get the family together & join us for brunch.