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Valentine’s BBQ Box

Roses are red, violets are blue, romance ain't dead with our Bar-be-cue!

Does that special someone in your life love BBQ food? Do they know their dry rubs from their corn dogs? Their Memphis from their Kansas? Or are they simply just missing their HicksFix? Then why not treat them to that meal they really want - an authentic taste of the Southern States - straight from the smokehouse to your house.

So, this Valentine’s Day as you can’t come to us let us bring you everything you need for a 'romantic' night in, straight to your door!

Create your own BBQ box...

Build a custom BBQ box with classics like the Texas style brisket, Memphis ribs, pulled pork & smoked chicken wings. And then add a cocktails (nothing says Valentine’s like Cotton Candy, 4 cans of pale ale or even a bottle of Grape Soda.

The ultimate Valentine's feast...

Or if you want to go for it with a 3 course BBQ feast with all the sides & drinks then check out our Valentine’s Box – the ultimate night in (well there’s so much food in there it will probably last you the entire weekend).

Valentine's Box

This Valentine's Box is packed with all the smokehouse classics from 16 hr smoked Texas style brisket to a full rack of Memphis ribs, accompanied with tater tots (with American cheese sauce for dipping) and all the sides you need for a classic BBQ feast; mac ‘n’ cheese, corn on the cob & our house slaw.  For a fun start to the meal there are America’s favourites - corn dogs and the drinks are covered too in your Valentine's Box.

Ready in just 20 minutes...

Especially made for Valentine’s is our ‘Lockdown Lover’ bottled cocktail (serves 4) – gin, raspberry & elderflower liqueur shaken with lemon & apple juice and there are 2 x cans of Hickory's Pale Ale. 

Lockdown Lover Cocktail

Then for the finale, it’s time to cuddle up round the ‘campfire’ with our most iconic dessert ever, campfire marshmallows! Your campfire marshmallow kit includes everything you need to re-create our most romantic dessert experience. The kit comes complete with the all-important campfire pan, wood chips, tin of campfire fuel & Hickory’s wooden platter board plus 24 x marshmallows on toasting skewers, 2 x pots of creamy chocolate dipping sauce and digestive biscuits so you can even make your own s’mores! 

Campfire Marshmallows

In the Valentine's Box you’ll get easy-to-follow heating instructions, giant bibs for when things get messy and a link to the Hickory's Spotify playlist so you can crank up those good 'ole Southern tunes (& we’ve even added some stone cold ‘lurrve’ songs – think Barry White, Hot Chocolate & Marvin Gaye). And of course, it just wouldn't be Hickory's without some popcorn on the go, so that's in there too!

So, all that’s left for you to do is place your order and let the romance flow, because remember folks, couples that BBQ together, stay together!

Order your Hickory's At Home right here!

We deliver nationwide (there are a few exclusions such as Scottish Highlands, the Channel Islands and Northern Islands) but pretty much everywhere else is covered. And if you order by 11am you can choose next day delivery.

The Valentine's Box can be delivered from 9th - 15th February