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Smokin’ Deal Time

They're back...

The new year is here & for us that can only mean one's smokin' deal time.

It wouldn't be January without them and we've got the ultimate line up for you. From everyone's favourite Steak & Shake to The Big Chicken Bucket, loaded with Southern fried chicken. And, for smokehouse fans you've got Hog Heaven & the ultimate feast - BBQ Blowout to choose from.

You know the drill, each Monday to Thursday we run an epic deal all day. Check them out below...

Smokin' Deals Time

Monday's Smokin' Deal £12.99

[caption id="attachment_8999" align="alignnone" width="700"]Big Chicken Bucket Smokin' Deal It's a family bucket for one[/caption]

Start the week the right way with The Big Chicken Bucket! Southern fried chicken, popcorn chicken bites & buttermilk wings. Served with BBQ pit beans, house slaw, magic-dusted corn, Hickory's gravy & skin-on fries. It's the ultimate choice for any chicken lover - but can you handle it?

Big Chicken Bucket

Tuesday's Smokin' Deal £12.99

You'll be in Hog Heaven with our smoked Memphis style baby back ribs, crispy magic-dusted chicken wings, hand-pulled pork & BBQ beans with our smoked jalapeño & cheese sausage. All served with skin-on fries & slaw. Now we're talkin'!

Hog Heaven

Wednesday's Smokin' Deal £12.99

[caption id="attachment_9000" align="alignnone" width="700"]Steak & Shake Smokin' Deal If it wasn't a tradition before...[/caption]
Steak & Shake! An 8oz flame grilled prime rump steak with house peppercorn sauce& skin-on fries. Served with a Hickory’s milkshake. Remember, there's always the option to upgrade to a 12oz steak too - it really is a crowd pleaser!

Steak & Shake

Thursday's Smokin' Deal £19.99

[caption id="attachment_9001" align="alignnone" width="700"]Barbecue Blowout Smokin' Deal Arrive hungry[/caption]

You certainly won't leave hungry after the Barbecue Blowout... It's all the classics - Memphis style baby back ribs, southern fried chicken, BBQ glazed chicken wings, hand pulled pork, BBQ pit beans & Hickorys wood Smoked Pork jalapeño & cheese sausage. Served with skin-on fries & slaw.

BBQ Blowout

So choose your smokin' deal, round up the gang & join us.


Big Chicken Bucket - 2,156 kcals | Hog Heaven - 2,215 kcals | Steak & Shake- Steak - 1,115 kcals | BBQ Blowout - 3,257 kcals

Steak & Shake- Shakes- The Grasshopper - 1,152 kcals |Maple Cookie Crunch - 1,215 kcals | Birthday Shake - 1,265 kcals | Strawberry Cheesecake - 1,245 kcals | Hazelnut Highway - 1,312 kcals