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Hickory's At Home

On The BBQ Box

Take Hickory’s At Home outside with the return of the ultimate 'on the BBQ' BBQ Box.

Smoked low 'n' slow graphic.

Fire up the coals, get your friends & family and enjoy your very own ‘yard party’ in the back garden. And if for any reason the Great British weather isn’t living up to Texas temperatures, don’t panic! Everything can be cooked in the oven too!

Forget the tiny chipolatas and the burgers burnt to a crisp… this is BBQ… Hickory’s style!

Our favourites from the smokehouse smoking over the coals.

What's in the box?

The box comes loaded with 12 low-smoked Chicken Wings, great to kick things off. Two half-racks of Memphis-Style Ribs (is there anything better than slamming some smoked ribs down over the coals? we think not). Two Hickory's Smoked Pork, Jalapeno & Cheese Sausages and everything you need to build your Ultimate Pitmaster Burger. You'll also get a bottle of our Hickory's BBQ Sauce for your burgers and to drizzle (or pour) over those 14-hour smoked ribs, and anything else you like!

The On The BBQ Box contents. The ultimate pitmaster burger, Memphis-style ribs, slow-smoked chicken wings and smoked pork sausage.

Epic burger time!

No BBQ is complete without a burger and we don’t just mean any old burger… we mean our Ultimate Pitmaster Burger! Our burger kit makes 4 epic Pitmaster Burgers and includes: 4 Hickory’s beef burger patties, 4 streaky bacon rashers, 4 brioche buns, 4 smoked brisket slices, 8 slices of American cheese, pickles and onions.

Close up of the ultimate pitmaster burger.

Cook it. Build it. Destroy it! (Maybe take a quick pic first!)

Included are a selection of Hickory's sauces & glazes – If you like sweet, sticky wings then our bourbon sauce is just the ticket, its ideal for ‘mopping & sopping’ your ribs too! Or go hot & spicy with a fiery Louisiana kick, this seems to work on just about everything! And, don’t forget the bourbon dip with your smoked sausages.

Cornhole time graphic.

Family Fun

The box also includes easy-to-follow heating instructions for how to cook & heat on your BBQ (and in the oven), giant bibs for when it gets messy, a bag of popcorn & what BBQ wouldn’t be complete without a YARD GAMES! So, before you throw your box away read the instructions on how to set up your very own Cornhole competition, it's a great family game! BBQ time is Cornhole time. You'll also get a Hickory's frisbee and everything you need to set up your own game of drinks pong… what you fill the cups up with is up to you!

The On The BBQ Box is available for delivery from April 29th.

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